Urban Development and Design

  • 8131
  • Full-time (part-time applications considered)
  • Semester 1 (March) or Semester 2 (July)
  • 1 calendar year including a summer semester



In our twentieth anniversary year the MUDD Program has undertaken urban projects in Cape Town, Penang, Valparíaso and Sydney. These cities provided settings for the Program’s approach to twenty-first century urbanism, which seeks the synthesis of three bodies of knowledge about the city: first, spatial political economy, the manifestation in urban form of global patterns of capital formation, investment and disinvestment; second, urban design principles and paradigms, normative models of ‘good city form’ grounded in aesthetic, social and environmental concerns; third, ‘urban design as public policy’, the intersection of public policy, design principles, the deal-making of the property sector and defence of the public realm. 
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