People and Place

The People and Place research cluster focuses on understanding the relationship between people and their environments, with ‘place’ being defined as broad as region and as small as a room.

Co-Convenors: Dr Kate Bishop (
                            Professor Susan Thompson (


About Us

The People & Place research cluster consists of researchers focused on understanding the relationship between people and their environments. It is a cross-disciplinary group including researchers from a number of different programs with interests and expertise in the fields of urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, geography, environment-behaviour studies and urban planning. People-place studies have become a major focus of interdisciplinary and applied research. At the core of this interest is the desire to understand the complexities of people-place relationships and to improve the quality of them. Specifically, members of this cluster conduct research on aspects of the relationship between people and their environments which have the potential to benefit the communities and professions with whom we work.

Research outputs from this group have the capacity to:

  • contribute to the major BE research priority theme, the Design, Development and Management of the 21st Century City
  • support the work of CFRC
  • increase and build research activity and capacity in the areas of urban design practice, planning and planning policy.

Co-Convenors:  Dr Kate Bishop, Senior Lecturer, Landscape Architecture

                              Professor Susan Thompson, Professor of City Planning


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Professor Susan Thompson:


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