High Performance Architecture

The High Performance Architecture Research Cluster aims to deliver research innovation in design, planning and management of high performance buildings and cities.


About Us

The High Performance Architecture (HPA) Research Cluster aligns with Faculty’s strategic research direction on HPA and recent UNSW investment in environmentally-driven architectural science and technology which aims to lift productivity and excellence in HPA areas.

The High Performance Architecture research is concerned not only with building design and urban planning, but also tackles challenges relating to health, comfort and well-being of people in buildings and cities.

Our vision is:

  • to promote innovative design concepts and emerging technologies to create sustainable buildings and cities;
  • to foster frontier research collaboration with national and international institutes, Australian governments and industries;
  • to facilitate a future international research institute in HPA areas.

Convenor: Dr Lan Ding 


UNSW Node of Excellence in High Performance Architecture Steering Committee Meeting, June 2016


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