Postgraduate Research

The Postgraduate Research program at UNSW School of Built Environment provides the opportunity to shape the cities of the future and to improve the lives of people who live and work in them.

Our students enjoy a vibrant research culture that covers a multitude of topics, from design and construction to the policy and planning needed to support and promote innovation.

The postgraduate research program benefits from a cohort drawn from almost every continent across the globe, focusing on tackling pressing environmental and societal challenges under the supervision of world-class academics and researchers, as well as leaders in the built environment professions.

Interdisciplinary clusters bring together teams working on important and emerging areas of built environment research, where we aim to engage, adapt and shape the cities of the 21st century – but always in a way that puts the planet and its people first.

Be sure to explore UNSW School of Built Environment postgraduate degree research opportunities now.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research degree that provides you with the opportunity to make an original and significant contribution to knowledge in an area of built environment research. 


Doctor of Philosophy (Practice-based PhD)

The Practice-based PhD is aimed at practitioners operating within or across the broad range of disciplines represented in the school, from architecture and design to planning and construction.


Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy is your opportunity to complete a research project with a component of coursework, including research methodology relevant to your field of study.