Postgraduate Research Student Profiles

Baojie He

Modelling Effects of Urban Ventilation on Urban Heat Island in Precinct Context

Baojie He’s research is designed to inform urban planners and policy makers with knowledge regarding the relationships between urban form and urban ventilation corridor. Information about the effects on urban heat island mitigation and outdoor thermal comfort improvement will also be analysed.

Under the supervision of Dr Lan Ding and Scientia Professor Deo Prasad, the proposed thesis is titled ‘Modelling effects of urban ventilation on urban heat island in precinct context’.


Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

  • He, B. J., Ding, L., & Prasad, D., 'Exploring wind ventilation corridors for urban heat island mitigation in Sydney, Australia'. Australian Climate Change Adaption Research Network for Settlements and Infrastructure Forum and Workshop for Early Career Researchers and Practitioners, Feb 20-22, 2017, University of New South Wales. (Abstract accepted, Forum presentation). 
  • He, B. J., Ding, L., & Prasad, D. 2019. Modelling the effect of urban ventilation on urban heat mitigation in precinct context. European Meteorological Society Annual Meetings. Lyngby Campus of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Copenhagen, Denmark. 9 - 13 September 2019. (Abstract accepted, Oral Presentation).


  • Construction and Property Economics (BLDG2014), 2018
  • Construction Materials (BLDG1012), 2019