Postgraduate Research Student Profiles

Henrique Sala Benites

Regenerative urban developments

Henrique Sala Benites is developing a framework to support the implementation of regenerative sustainability in existing urban areas by supporting the comprehension of concepts, the identification of opportunities, barriers and relevant stakeholders, and the structuring and definition of pathways to implement strategies with a focus on circularity and liveability.


Book Chapters

  • Sala Benites H, 2008 'El uso sostenible del agua en la vivienda', in AmBitat 2007, Madrid: Mairea Libros, pp.36-37.
  • Sala Benites H, 2010, 'Sustainable Use of Water on Dwellings', in Alβan Projects Completed 07-08, v.1. p.53.

Journal Articles

  • Sala Benites H; Osmond P; Rossi AMG, 2020 Developing Low-Carbon Communities with LEED-ND and Climate Tools and Policies in São Paulo, Brazil J. Urban Plann. Dev. 146 4019025, DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)UP.1943-5444.0000545

Conference Papers

  • Silva PWS; Sala Benites H; Duarte DHD; Monteiro LM, 2017, 'Planning instruments for vegetation enhancement in urban areas: Compared analysis based on São Paulo's Environmnental Quota' [Instrumentos urbanísticos para incremento de vegetação em áreas urbanas: análise comparada a partir da Quota Ambiental do município de São Paulo], in Proceedings of SINGEURB 2017 - I Simpósio Nacional de Gestão e Engenharia Urbana at São Carlos, SP, Brazil.
  • Fretin D, Bedendo I, Szabo LP, Amodeo W, Benites H, Spanengerg J, 2006, 'Investigation on a natural ventilation system using the structure design of a building', in Proceedings of PLEA2006, The 23rd Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-8 September 2006

Non-traditional Research Outputs

  • Fretin, D., Bedendo, I., Szabo, L., Amodeo, W., Benites, H.S., et al. 2005. [Sustainable buildings in tropical climate]. In: VI International Biennale of Architecture, Living in the City, São Paulo. Catalogue and exhibition


  • Resources, Materials & Sustainability (SUSD0002)
  • Building Ecology and Life Cycle Thinking (SUSD0002)
  • Sustainable Infrastructure (SUSD0016)
  • International Planning (BEIL6001)
  • Creating Value for Built Environment Clients (BEIL6001)
  • Architectural Design Studio 3, Urban Block (ARCH1201)
  • Sustainability and Environment (PLAN1002)
  • Architectural Science and Building Environment 2 (ARCH1361)
  • Research Assistant for the revision of the Master of Sustainable Built Environment

Other teaching experience:

  • Guest-lecturer at PUC Campinas, (2019) in "Eco-neighbourhoods and new concepts of sustainability"
  • Guest Doctoral Researcher (2018) in the Building Technology Division of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.
  • Lecturer at INBEC/UNICID, Brazil (2012-2016) in 'Environmental Management at the Construction Site', postgraduate course
  • Lecturer INBEC/UNICID, Brazil (2012-2016) in 'Building environmental certifications: AQUA-HQE', postgraduate course
  • Guest-lecturer at University of Auburn, Texas (2015) in "The Green Building Market in Brazil"
  • Guest-lecturer at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2015) in "LEED Certification and the Building Industry"
  • Lecturer at UNICID, Brazil (2011) in "Ecodesign", undergraduate course
  • Lecturer at UNICID, Brazil (2011) in "Energy Efficiency and Water Management", undergraduate course
  • Researcher (2007-2008) at the Research Group INVISO (Industrialization of the Sustainable Dwelling) at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of the Madrid Polytechnic University.
  • Researcher (2005-2006) at the Research Group SUSTENTA (Environmental Postures in Architecture and Urbanism) from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University Mackenzie.
  • Collaboration with the Brazilian’s ABNT/CEE268 committee (ISO/TC268 mirror) with a focus on standards for the sustainable development of communities, Green Building Council Brazil’s LEED committee, and Fundação Vanzolini’s AQUA/HQE discussion board.