Postgraduate Research Student Profiles

Linda Romanovska

Evaluation of green infrastructure from a whole-of-service life perspective

I examine the life-cycle performance of urban green infrastructure to facilitate deeper understanding of the role of green infrastructure, support the optimisation of social, environmental and economic benefits, and minimisation of detriments. I seek to advance a methodology for holistic green infrastructure life-cycle assessments serving the needs of decision-makers.


Conference Papers

  • "Romanovska L, 2019,  'Urban green infrastructure: perspectives on life-cycle thinking for holistic assessments' in Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2019 Tokyo (SBE19Tokyo) Built Environment in an era of climate change: how can cities and buildings adapt? 6–7 August 2019, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, DOI: 294 012011, "

Policy/Technical Reports

  • Schmidt G; Dworak T; Romanovska L; Berglund M; Matauschek C , 2019, Nexus Mapping Study in South East Europe Background Study to support the Nexus Policy Dialogue Process in the SEE2020 Region, Global Water Partnership, 
  • Kaźmierczak A; Ganzleben C; González Ortiz A; Kurnik B; Peris E; Tomescu M; Breil M; Swart R; Georgi B; Romanovska L; Downing C; Schipper L; Terämä E; Mäkinen K; German R; Williamson T; May K; King K; Horálek J; Schovánková J; Schreiberová M; Blanes Guàrdia N; Fons Esteve J; Barnes J; de Vito; van Kamp I, 2018, Unequal exposure and unequal impacts: social vulnerability to air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures in Europe, EEA Report No 22/2018, European Environment Agency,
  • Climate Adaptation Partnership, 2018, Urban Agenda for the EU Climate Adaptation Partnership Action Plan,
  • Breil M; Downing C; Kazmierczak A, Romanovska L; Terämä E; Swart R, 2018, Social vulnerability to climate change in European cities – state of play in policy and practice, ETC/CCA Technical Paper - ETC/CCA 2018/1, European Topic Centre Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation, European Environment Agency,
  • Mattern K; Giannini V; Downing C; Gomes A; Ramieri E; Karali E; Capela Lourenco T; de Jong F; Coninx I; Marras S; Medri S; Sousa A; Prosperini CX; Romanovska L; Kurnik B, Jaegly M, Vanneuville W, Fergusson S, 2018, Sharing adaptation knowledge across Europe: Evidence for the evaluation of Climate-ADAPT, ETC/CCA Technical paper Nr 2018/2, 
  • Georgi B; Romanovska L; Dworak T; Berglund M; Swart R; van Gossum H; van de Water S; P Bosch; V Rovers; L Eichler, 2017, Financing urban adaptation to climate change, EEA Report No 2/2017, European Environment Agency,
  • Romanovska L; Dworak T; Hendel-Blackford S;  Forster S, 2016, Mayors Adapt Knowledge Base Strategy: Urban adaptation knowledge gaps in Europe, Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy,
  • Georgi B; Isoard S; Asquith M; McAleavey P; Jol A; Garzillo C; Peleikis J; Robrecht H; Breil M; Swart R; Timmerman; Dworak T; Romanovska L; Mäkinen K; Peltonen L; Pringle P; Aparicio A, 2016, Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016: Transforming cities in a changing climate, European Environment Agency, 
  • Dworak T; Romanovska L, 2013, Study for the identification of the state, challenges and issues of water and energy nexus in transboundary basins of Southeastern Europe. Background document for the International Roundtable on Water and Energy Nexus in transboundary basins in South-eastern Europe, 6 - 8 November 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • McCallum S; Dworak T; Prutsch A; Kent N; Mysiak J; Bosello F; Klostermann J; Dlugolecki A; Williams E; König M; Leitner M; Miller K; Harley M; Smithers R; Berglund M; Glas N; Romanovska L; van de Sandt K; Bachschmidt R; Völler S; Horrocks L, 2013, Support to the development of the EU Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change: Background report to the Impact Assessment, Part I–Problem definition, policy context and assessment of policy options,

Online tools

Media articles

  • Laspidou CS; Brouwer F; Giampetro M; Anzaldi Varas G; Blanco M; Bukkens S; Castro Campos B; Domingo Albin X; Fournier M; Funtowicz SO; Kovacic Z; Martínez P; Matthews K; Munaretto S; Romanovska L; Schmidt G; Serrano T; Strand R; Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia L; Witmer M, 2017, The Nexus: efficient approaches, Pan European Networks: Science & Technology, Issue: 25, 2017/12,
  • 2019 Content development for UNSW Moodle online learning module on Sustainable Development Goals: developed module content on SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities