Postgraduate Research Student Profiles

Mirian Vaccari

Lean for non-profit organizations in the housing sector

The research explores the application of lean for non-profit organisations in the housing sector. A lean organization understands value from the user’s point of view while eliminating tangible and intangible wastes in the process. The goal is to improve value through a value creation housing process in urban informal settlements.


Book Chapters

  • Vaccari, MS; de Senne, LB, 2017, 'Low Energy Material, High Community Engagement: Ecology of Banana Tree Fibres in Disaster Relief Projects', in Sustainable Building and Built Environments to Mitigate Climate Change in the Tropics, pp.261-273, 10.1007/978-3-319-49601-6_18                                        

Conference Papers 

  • Vaccari, MS, 2019, 'Lean practices for forcibly displaced populations in slums' in Book of Extended Abstracts of the IGLC 2019 Summer School - Defining the Research Problem and Research Methodology for Lean Construction Research       Vaccari, MS,  2016, 'Environmental Assessment of Cardboard as a Building Material for Transitional Housing', in Proceedings of the 41st IAHS World Congress - Sustainability and Innovation for the future                                        
  • Vaccari, MS; Pereira, GS, 2009, 'Spatial planning in Brazil: the use of cardboard houses for the urbanization of slums in São Paulo' in Proceedings of  8th International Symposium, 2009, Kaiserslautern. Parallel Patterns of Urban Growth and Decline - Sustainability Issues and Challenges for Spatial Planning in 21st Century Cities and Regions - UPE8 - International Urban Planning and Environment Association (IUPEA)                                        
  • Vaccari, MS; Sassi, P, 2015, 'Environmental Assessment of Cardboard as a Building Material' in Proceedings of the IASS WORKING GROUPS 12 + 18 International Colloquium 2015 “Bio-based and Bio-inspired Environmentally Compatible Structures"                                        
  • Vaccari, MS, 2003, 'Ecological and Economical Cardboard House' in Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture - PLEA 2003                                        

Non-Traditional Research Outputs


Other teaching/research assistant experience:

  • Lecturer at Istituto Europeo di Design, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2014) in Interior Design    
  • Research Assistant at University of Sao Paulo, NOAH Research Group (2014): The APIS Project at Pillars of Sustainable Education: build a temporary and portable ablution blocks for public use in post-disaster situations funded by ‘Architecture for Humanity’ in partnership with Alcoa.    
  • Researcher at Kyoto University of Arts and Design and Shigeru Ban Studio (2013), for disasters and post-disaster cardboard structures