Postgraduate Research Student Profiles

Muhammad Saadmann R Sabeek Eusuf

Voxel-based approach to estimate the volume of fuel load from point cloud data for hazard reduction burning.

 To design and develop a decision support system represented by voxels, which will be geometrical, topological and semantic representation of an outdoor environment. This system could provide information of the volume of fuel load under the tree canopy based on vegetation type and frequency of last Hazard Reduction Burn.


Journal Articles

  • Muhammad Abu Eusuf; Wira Mohd. Noor Salleh; Abdullah Al Mamun; Adnan M ; MSR Sabeek Eusuf; Ataur Rahman & Mansor Ibrahim, 2018, 'A PARAMETRIC APPROACH FOR THE STUDY OF HEAT FLOW BETWEEN STREET CANYON AND THE ATMOSPHERE', Planning Malaysia Journal,  Volume 16, pp. 63 - 74, my.iium.irep.67171 irep.67171
  • Muhammad Abu Eusuf Abu Eusuf, Muhammad SaadMann R. Sabeek Eusuf, Muhammad Mehbub Rahman Sami Eusuf, Mansor Ibrahim, 2018, ' A review of the parametric characteristics of urban environment and it's influence to the urban quality of life' Vol 3, N0 7, DOI:

Other teaching/research assistant exerience:

  • Research Assistant at International Islamic University Malaysia (2018):  Designed surveys, worked with Python and Adobe in design
  • Tutor at International Islamic University Malaysia ( 2018) in Civil engineering drawing