Postgraduate Research Student Profiles

Sima Alizadeh

Towards Healthy Built Environment: the role of housing environmental quality on attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among children

Considering that ADHD as a chronic mental health problem is considerably growing while urbanisation and built environments are also transforming rapidly, this research, therefore, endeavours to explore the probable connections between these two phenomena. On this basis, this research intends to examine the role of indoor quality of housing environments on symptoms and severity of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder among children 


Journal Articles

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  • Graphic Design for the Built Environment (BEIL0001)
  • Research Assistant, Roomsharing with Strangers
  • Research Assistant, Enhancing International Students’ Experience Through Their Accommodation Lifestyle in Australia, Cocoon Leasing, Sydney, Australia
  • Research Assistant, Phase One: Behaviour Mapping of Memorial Square and Olds Park
  • Research Assistant, Phase Two: Behaviour Mapping of Memorial Square and Olds Park
  • Student Assistant, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Department of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure)