Postgraduate Research Student Profiles

William Craft

A Decision-Making Framework for Regenerative Precinct Development

Given that the regenerative paradigm emerges from the need to re-orientate human development towards a co-evolutionary partnership with the living world around us, the aim of this research is to understand the decision-making processes required for a regenerative outcome and to develop a framework to support its transition into practice at a precinct scale.


Journal Articles

  • Craft W; Ding L; Prasad D; Partridge L; & Else D, 2017, 'Development of a Regenerative Design Model for Building Retrofits', Procedia Engineering, 180, pp. 658 - 668, 10.1016/j.proeng.2017.04.225

Conference Papers

Non-Traditional Research Outputs



  • Building Information Modelling (CODE2170/ARCH2170) (2015-)
  • Research Assistant at UNSW / CRC for Low Carbon Living (2014-2017): Assisted in the development of sustainable guidelines for Chinese cities and communities (UNEP); Household recruitment, data collection and analysis, energy performance simulations and production of research reports (BASIX)
  • Research Associate at UNSW / CRC for Low Carbon Living (2017-2019): Industry and Government interviews and data analysis of BASIX-related decision-making and production of research reports; Development of an urban heat mitigation decision-support tool and the production of research and industry reports