Research Clusters and Groups

Built Environment’s research clusters reflect existing and emergent research strengths within the school.

They are groupings of staff and higher degree students from across different disciplines collaborating on research ventures in areas of common interest that progress the school's research priority theme of the design, delivery and management of 21st-century cities.

Cluster research projects have both short and long-term targets but generally are multi-year commitments.  They involve publication ventures, symposia, conferences and exhibitions, usually open to all staff and wider stakeholders.

Cluster activities are supported financially by the school.  All staff are encouraged to be engaged in cluster activities and to contribute to the development of their research programs.  Each cluster is led by convenors who coordinate the annual programs and represent the cluster in the school and beyond.

Built Environment Research Groups bring together knowledge from traditional and cross-discipline areas, research partners and various levels of government to address current world issues from future city planning to the impact of the built environment on people living with disabilities.