Built Environment research is about cities, people, places, property, buildings, design, infrastructure, environment, landscapes, institutions, and the complex interactions between them.

It addresses a spectrum of vital policy and theoretical issues across a range of scales from different disciplinary perspectives examining Australian and international problems. Our overall mission statement is geared towards designing, delivering and managing sustainable 21st century cities and all their critical elements.

The faculty offers a collegiate and supportive research environment facilitating high quality and innovative research by both staff and students.


Research News

Each month a faculty newsletter, Built Environment Research News, is sent out to all members of the faculty.  Contributions from faculty members on their research activities is welcomed and should be submitted to faculty research manager, Toni Hodge, by the end of each month for publication at the beginning of the following month.

Current Issue - July 2017

From the ADR: The Faculty made two submissions to the UNSW Futures consultations, one from BE and the other as a signatory to a joint HASS submission ...(more)

Researcher Highlights - Universitas 21 Early Career Researcher Workshop: 
Congratulations to Mohammad Mojtahedi who has been selected to represent UNSW at the U21 Workshop ...(more)

New Grant Highlights -  Improving environmental health & well being in commercial offices:
City Futures Dr Christian Tietz in collaboration with Silenceair P/l, has obtained $ 30,000 project funding under the NSW Government’s TechVoucher scheme ...(more)

Meet the Researchers - Oya Demirbilek: Oya is currently Associate Professor in Industrial Design, and she has held the role of Associate Dean of Education since 2013 ...(more)


Previous Issues



June DIY Home Modification Stage 2 + My Place - Local Community Survey 2017 + Samad Sepasgozar
May New research videos released + Technological disruption in private housing markets + Imriyas Kamardeen
April Designing Global Sydney symposium + UNSW-Indonesia Seed Research Fund + Harry Margalit
March Rapid scenario planning workshop in Nepal + Carbon Value Engineering (CO2-VE) + Mike Harris
February Delegation from Kyushu University + Increasing Affordable Housing Supply + Laura Crommelin


December Cross-faculty Research Conversation + APRU Sustainable Cities & Landscapes Research Hub + Mohammad Mojtahedi
November IFRC World Disasters Report 2016 + New Grant Highlights + Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard
October "Cooling Our Street" Forum + 2016 NAWIC Scholarsips Recipient + New Grant Highlights + Mattheos Santamouris
September Life When Renting Workshop + Book + FBE to Host Resilience Event + New Grant Highlights + Simone Leao
August Seed Funding Awarded for PLuS Alliance Project + New Book + New Grant Highlights + Laurence Kimmel
July Place and Placelessness Revisited + 2016 PIA National Award + New Grant Highlights + Benson Lim
June Judith Neilson Chair Design Meeting + New Grant Highlights + Philip Oldfield
May International Award for Innovation in Education and Training + "Energy Cities and Sustainability: An Historical Approach" + Hoon Han
April "The Great Houses of Calcutta" Book + New Research Cluster + CityViz + Jane Marceau
March UNSW Rising Stars + UDIA CityLife Research Competition + Francesco Fiorito
February UNSW Alliance + Research Excellence Awards + Miles Park


December 2025 Strategy aspirations + New Book Awarded + Research Seminar + Lisa Zamberlan
November 2025 Strategy + New Published Book + Guest Speaker + Matthias Irger
October Linkage projects + Academy Honors + New Book + Chris Pettit
September Research Mission + SOItmC & KCWS Best Paper Award + NSW Premier's Award + Russell Lowe
August Research Integrity + AUBEA Best Paper Award + Book Launch + Maryam Gusheh
July High Performance Architecture + SAHANZ Conference + City Futures blog + Ainslie Murray
June Project Development Grants + Canterbury Earthquake Memorial Finalists + Catherine Bridge
May UK REF Exercise + HPA Seminar + Book/Symposia Funding Announced + Sing d'Arcy
April High Performance Architecture + ERA + CRC Node of Excellence + Lan Ding
March Faculty Research Grants + Biennale di Venezia + AHURI Funding + Peter Kohane
February 2014 Highlights + Dean's Research Excellence Awards + Vivienne Milligan


December Sydney Architecture Festival + (Sub)Urban Sexscapes + PIA Award + Martin Loosemore
November ERA 2015 Exercise + Urban Informatics Workshop  + Academy Honours + Katrina Simon
October Governance Review + ARCOM Best Paper Awards + People and Place Symposium + Paul Osmond
September Sydney Customs House Exhibit + UNSW Research Pricing Tool  + Hal Pawson
August MREII + UNSW list of Top Quality Outlets + Christine Steinmetz
July Leisure Space + Infrastructure Cluster + Dijana Alic
June ARC College of Experts + HBEP Making it Happen Symposium + Rina Bernabei
May VC's Postdoctoral Fellowships + ARC Linkage Round + City Futures Collaborations + Laurence Troy
April  Discovery Applications + Tax Reform  + Smart Cities Cluster + Riza Sunindijo

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