Building Ecology and Life Cycle Thinking

This course encourages you to develop a whole-of-life approach to built environment sustainability.


Decision Making and Governance

A cycle-way through a tunnel

Decision Making and Governance looks at the decision-making process for investment, policy and land-use.


Development Economics and Finance

Sydney harbour

Explore development and public finance through a policy oriented lens.


Digital Cities

Roads, buildings and traffic

Learn how to apply data and new technologies to city planning.


Drivers of Urban Change

Drivers of Urban Change explores liveability, productivity, governance and sustanaiblity in 21st century cities.


Energy and the Built Environment

Energy and the Built Environment explores the interaction between energy and built environment projects in all its aspects.


Engaging Communities

Taking a photo of buildings on a smart phone

Engaging Communities teaches a range of methods for effective stakeholder engagement with the community.


GIS and Urban Informatics

A descending stairwell

Understand the technical overview and applications of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).


Housing Management and Markets

Gain an understanding of rental and strata housing management and regulation, and the functioning of residential property markets


Housing Policy and Finance

A block of apartments

Housing Policy and Finance explores Australia's housing system.


Introduction to Accessible Performance-Based Design

Creating accessible built environments is fundamental to ensuring the liveability of our cities.


Understanding Infrastructure Mega-Projects

There is universal recognition of the huge impact of infrastructure on enabling cities to grow.


Urban Data - Introduction to 3D modelling and visualisation

It has been said that a picture (or a map) is worth a thousand words.


Urban Renewal

A city build site

Urban Renewal takes you through urban spatial dynamics, and the impacts of system governance and urban restructuring.