Dr Ahmed W A Hammad

Construction Management and Property, Construction Project Management

Dr Ahmed WA Hammad is the coordinator for Master of Construction Project Management at the Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW Sydney. His research focuses on the use of technology including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and machine-learning based operational research (OR) methods for enhancing decision-making in construction. His past work included novel approaches to solving OR problems in construction including the site layout planning problem, facility location problem, the network design problem, vehicle routing problem (VRP), building and interior space layout planning, and urban planning. Dr Hammad’s expertise lays in developing Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) Models and Bi-level Programming Models, together with accompanying exact solution approaches for large scale instances. His work specifically focusses on decomposition algorithms where optimality of the solution can be guaranteed. He is a pioneer in the area of integrating OR with digital engineering methods for the purpose of enhancing sustainability in the built environment. His most recent work involves a BIM-based platform for optimising material selection using a life cycle analysis (LCA) method. Dr Hammad has an extensive industry background in digital engineering, road design, construction engineering and interior design. Prior to joining academia, Dr Hammad worked as a civil engineer, where he acquired key skills in structural design, project management and coordination, and project scheduling.

Dr Hammad teaches in the following areas:

1) Building Information Modelling (BIM)

2) Construction Materials (Concrete, Steel, Timber and Masonry)

3) Operational Research (OR)

4) Construction Law

5) Risk Management

6) Construction Economics

7) Low-rise Construction


Supervision Area: 

- Machine Learning and AI

- Mathematical Programming


- Construction Economics

- Sustainability Design

- Construction Law



In Lab: 5 PhD Students

Graduated: 2 PhD Students


- Machine Learning for Disaster Management

- Mathematical Optimisation of space layout in schools to enhance safety during building evacuations

- Stochastic Programming for Resource Allocation in Construction

- BIM Technology Investment Optimisation in Organisations 

- A collaborative system to optimize the role of social procurement in providing innovative solutions to youth unemployment in Australia

- Challenges facing Refugees and Skilled Migrants in the Construction Workforce

- Optimisation framework for Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) integrated with BIM