Dr Alanya Drummond

Interior Architecture


B IntArch UNSW (Univ Medal, Hons 1)

Red Centre
+61 2 9385 4434

Alanya is a member of teaching staff for the Interior Architecture program at UNSW BE where she contributes to a range of design practice and critical perspectives courses. Alanya has been an Education Focused academic since 2018 and has also been involved in the training of the faculty's sessional staff through the development and implementation of the BE UPskilled program. Alanya is also an advocate for mental health awareness and is the Built Environment Academic Disability Advisor, as well as faculty Disability Champion.

Alanya graduated from the Interior Architecture program at UNSW in 2003 with the University Medal and returned to the BE to complete her PhD in 2013 on the topic of celebrity architects, focusing on how the phenomenon of fame influences the architectural process.

Alanya’s industry experience spans from Sydney to Paris, where she has worked for a range of high profile studios including the atelier of Pritzker Prize winning architect Christian de Portzamparc, the architectural practice of Alec Tzannes AM, and the Australasian design firm Geyer. Her roles have incorporated interior design, workplace strategy, communications and research relating to knowledge transfer and trust building.

Alanya is also involved in local government and is a current elected Councillor for North Sydney Council.

Thematically, Alanya's current interests in education and publication are:

- Waste reduction / low-impact design / conscious consumption

- Inclusive spaces / designing for mental health

- Behavioural sciences / sensory optimisation / salient design

- Knowledge transfer / intrinsic motivation / communication strategies

- Political environments / designing for governance

Research Activities: 

PhD Thesis

Drummond, Alanya, 2014 'Celebrity and architects. The significance of celebrity in relation to the professional legitimisation of American architects in the 1970s and 1980s: a case study', Built Environment, Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW 

Book Chapters

Chevez, Augustin; Aznavoorian, Laurie; Drummond, Alanya, 2012, ‘Interior design as a strategic tool to support diffusion of innovation in the workplace’ in Design for Business: Volume 1, Muratovski, Gjoko (ed), Intellect Ltd, Bristol, UK.
ISBN-10: 0646585908 / ISBN-13: 978-0646585901

Drummond, Alanya, 2012, ‘Time Magazine and the publication of celebrity architects’, Chapter 5 (pp. 61-72) in Essays on Construction, Alifragkis, Stavros (ed), Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece.
ISBN 978-960-9549-89-9

Journal Articles

Chevez, Agustin; Aznavoorian, Laurie; Drummond, Alanya, 2014, ‘Trust Me! Exploratory research into office design and organisational trust causality’, Corporate Real Estate Journal, Vol. 3, No. 4 / Summer, pp. 334-348(15)

Drummond, Alanya, 2012, ‘Architects on the cover of Time Magazine’, The International Journal of the Image, Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp.83-98.

Drummond, Alanya, 2012, ‘Architects on the cover of Time Magazine’, The International Journal of the Image, Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp.83-98.

Conference Proceedings

Knowles, Alanya, 2010, ‘Architects, celebrity and the media’ in Imagining...: proceedings of the 27th Annual International SAHANZ conference, Newcastle, Australia,  30 June – 2 July, 2010, pp.191-195 (isbn 978-0-646-53690-3, double-blind peer-reviewed proceedings)

Knowles, Alanya, 2010, ‘The identity of architects: from professionalism to celebrity’ in proceedings of the 1st International Graduate Symposium on the Built Environment, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 15 – 16 October, 2010, pp. 301-305 (isbn 978-975-429-285-5 (1.c), document id DT2E164, single-blind peer-reviewed proceedings)

Knowles, Alanya, 2011, ‘Celebrity in the profession of architecture: an analysis of practice
in the 20th and 21st century’ in proceedings of ARCC Conference 2011 - Considering Research: Reflecting upon current themes in Architectural Research, Detroit, MI, USA, 20-24 April 2011

Knowles, Alanya, 2009, The perception of sound and space: the role of auditory awareness in the discernment of spatial quality, LAP publishing

Industry Publications (Geyer research)

Chevez, Agustin; Aznavoorian, Laurie; Drummond, Alanya, 2013, ‘Trust Me!’, Fertilizer Vol.4. (Publication of the results of a research collaboration between Swinburne University of Technology, Geyer and Great Place to Work that explored the impact of trust in the workplace.)

Drummond, Alanya, 2012 ‘Trust in the Workplace’, Generator, Vol. 4
Drummond, Alanya, 2012 ‘Best Practice Workplace’, Generator, Vol. 3
Drummond, Alanya, 2012 ‘Trends in the Workplace’, Generator, Vol. 2
Drummond, Alanya, 2012 ‘Activity Based Working’, Generator, Vol. 1

Chevez, Agustin; Aznavoorian, Laurie; Drummond, Alanya, 2012, ‘Future Proofing’, Fertilizer, Vol. 3
Chevez, Agustin; Aznavoorian, Laurie; Drummond, Alanya, 2011, ‘Technology in the Workplace’, Fertilizer, Vol. 2
Chevez, Agustin; Aznavoorian, Laurie; Drummond, Alanya, 2011, ‘Knowledge Management’, Fertilizer, Vol. 1
Chevez, Agustin; Aznavoorian, Laurie; Drummond, Alanya, 2010, ‘Debunking the Gen Y Myth’, Fertilizer, Vol. 4



Learning & Teaching grant UNSW BE (2018)

Career Development Funding for Education Focussed Academics UNSW (2018)

FBE Dean's scholarship UNSW (2009-2013)

UNSW Research Excellence Award (2009-2013)

Wightman Postgraduate Scholarship in Architecture UNSW (2010, 2011, 2012)



UNSW Built Environment Learning and Teaching Excellence Award for Design Excellence (2017)

FMA Australia & Spotless Most Significant Research Initiative Excellence Award (2010) 

National Association of Women in Construction scholarship (NAWIC) finalist (2012)

DIA Big Picture Design Challenge, mixed medium image category (2010)

Davenport Campbell Prize for the best performance in final year interior architecture (2003)

Design Institute of Australia encouragement award (2003)

Teaching & Supervision: 

Course Convening

INTA2302 – Design Practice 6 “Speculate”, 3rd year (s2 2017) 12UOC. Workplace design in partnership with a real world brief/site/client - The Studio Incubator, anchor tenant of The Hub on York St Wynyard, due for completion Jan 2018. The course was structured to maximise student exposure to industry stakeholders and ensure a professionally expansive learning experience. 

INTA3241 -  Communication Techniques 3, 2nd year (s1 2010) 6UOC (with Eva Lloyd)
Techniques in visual presentation


INTA2101 – Design Practice 1 “Enquire”, 1st year INTA (s1 2017)
Focus – cultural centre at Maroubra

INTA2302 – Design Practice 6 “Speculate”, 3rd year INTA (s2 2016)
Focus – workplace design: a new head office space on Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay

INTA3381 -  The Practice of Interior Architecture, 3rd year INTA (s1 2010)
Focus - current business practices in the profession of interior architecture

INTA2101 + INTA2202 - Design Studio, 2nd year INTA (s1 2010, s2 2010)
Focus - the principles of two- and three-dimensional design

INTA3121 + INTA3122 - History and Theory, 1st year INTA (s1 2010, s2 2010)
Focus - the history of architecture and theory of modernism