Dr Scott Hawken

Urban Development and Design
Urban Development and Design, Research Cluster Staff, Smart Cities

 PhD (USyd), BLArch Hons University Medal (UNSW) 

Red Centre
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Dr Scott Hawken is an Urban Designer, Landscape Architect and Landscape Archaeologist. His work focuses on the agency of open space as a variable in the spatial makeup of the city. Open space networks and patterns are infrastructures in their own right and will increase in importance as cities around the world continue to develop. Scott's expertise is focused in three thematic areas: 1.) Smart Cities, Planning and Design, 2.) Asian Urbanism, 3.) Ecological Networks and Biophilic Cities. 

Current Projects include an assessment of urban landscapes and ecological infrastructure in the rapidly developing cities of Asia. Hawken is working with international scholars on this project which aims to deliver options for providing ecosystem services to the expanding populations of such mega-cities. Emerging Asian mega-cities will double in size over the next few decades. The implementation of ecological infrastructure as part of their open space pattern is essential for the future liveability and sustainability of these cities. His work uses a synergistic approach using advanced geospatial technologies and innovative fieldwork approaches within the Asia-Pacific region. He leads the Urban Water Resilience and Sponge Cities Lab which seeks to develop current approaches to blue infrastructure in cities. Dr Hawken has worked with leading international institutions such as Tsinghua University, Kyushu University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Smart Cities and Urban Development projects. He brings a multidisciplinary analytic and design approach to these ongoing collaborations.

Hawken is also a landscape archaeologists and is focused on using archaeological case studies to explore issues of socio-ecological resilience over long time frames. Current approaches to urban sustainability are biased towards ‘future gazing’ and lack the depth of an archaeological time perspective. Such long term perspectives provide insights into the possibilities and consequences of future development scenarios in relation to ecological systems, climate and urbanisation. Archaeological case studies also highlight the inertia and legacy of massive urban infrastructures.


Research Activities: 

Scott's research covers four areas: Urban Design, Urban Ecology, Smart Cities, Landscape Planning and Landscape Archaeology.

Urban Ecology and Biophilic Cities

Dr Hawken is currently working with industry, government and academia on strategies for improving the green networks in cities both locally and abroad. In Sydney work with the industry partners on Sydney's Green Grid project has identified important opportunities for strengthening green infrastructure. He is working on 3D data sets to better understand how to integrate green infrastructure at the urban scale. Another research focus includes planning ecological infrastructure for megacities in Asia. He leads a project on Sponge Cities which involves collaborations with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Faculty of Engineering UNSW and the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. Multidisciplinary integration and global reach are features of Scott's research. 

Smart Cities and Urban Design

Dr Hawken convenes the Smart Cities Research Cluster at UNSW. The Cluster is currently producing a book on the global open data movement and its impact and potential within cities. Titled "Open Cities | Open Data : collaborative cities in the information era" it is due for publication by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018. He is currently analysing the spatial heterogeneity within Sydney using remote sensed datasets and 3D GIS. Work is aimed at identifying economic and biological patterns within a 3D environment.

A recent research project includes the development of digital infrastructure initiatives for villages of Southeast Asia. Digital fabrication techniques promise new opportunities for developing livelihoods and alternative approaches to architecture in Southeast Asia's urbanising communities. This project involves collaboration with Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan.

Landscape Archaeology

Scott completed his PhD in archaeology on the role of role of open space in the low density urban environment of Greater Angkor, Cambodia the largest city of the pre-industrial world. Using and re-interpreting high end geospatial methods developed for the study of industrial urbanism, the study recovered various spatial signatures that provide insights into the spatial evolution of the metropolis over a 3000 year period. Deliverables include a range of digital maps and a series of qualitative and quantitative spatial analyses generated through analysis of remote sensed features in a GIS. The research informs understanding of both past and present environments. The findings are highly significant for the future development of socio-ecological resilience in monsoon cities. Scott's work has been featured on the BBC and National Geographic.

Research Keywords
  • geospatial analysis of metropolitan and urban landscapes
  • remote sensing of cities
  • rapid urbanisation in Asia
  • Desakota landscapes of Southeast Asia
  • landscape heritage and landscape archaeology of Southeast Asia
  • urban ecology
  • urban design
  • ecological informatics
  • urban landscape design



The quality of Scott Hawken’s research and social engagement has been recognised through various awards and scholarships.

In 2015 and 2016 he received two grants from Department of Foreign Affairs and trade to engage with global smart city projects and initiatives in Asia. The outcomes of the grants include special issue of City Culture Society Journal on Smart Cities and Urban Innovation and an ongoing Smart City Knowledge Exchange Network between India and Australia. He has also received funding from Urban Growth and AURIN to further smart city knowledge locally.

In 2013 and 2014 he has received scholarships to research rapid urbanisation within the Southeast Asian delta cities of Yangon, Myanmar and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is working with a team of international scholars to classify, plan and design ecological infrastructure in these emerging megacities.

In 2007 he received the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship, awarded to talented Australians in the arts. In the same year he also received funding from the Carlyle Greenwell Bequest awarded for archaeological research, while in 2008 he was awarded the Endeavour Research Fellowship in order to evaluate the management of the archaeological landscape by contemporary Khmer communities. This project was based upon the international imperatives for the conservation of cultural landscapes as identified by UNESCO.


Scott was a member of the winning team for the International Urban Design Competition for Barangaroo, with Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture , Hill Thalis Urban Projects and Paul Berkemeier Architecture. The highly significant competition received 140 international entries with competitors including Richard Rogers and Morphosis. 

Teaching & Supervision: 

Dr Hawken's research and supervision interests include: 

  • urban ecology
  • urban design
  • urban landscape design
  • geospatial analysis of metropolitan landscapes
  • landscape heritage and landscape archaeology
  • rapid urbanisation in Asia
  • Desakota landscapes of Southeast Asia

Students interested in applying for a research degree with Dr Hawken as supervisor should download the EOI form here and forward the completed form along with all academic transcripts and a portfolio to

Dr Hawken convenes and teaches the following postgraduate masters courses within the urban development and design program: 

  • Urban Landscape and Heritage UDES0009
  • Urban Development and Design Advanced Studio UDES0002 
  • Urban Development and Design International Studio UDES0003
  • Communication in Urban Design UDES0010



In the Media

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Scott Hawken has worked and collaborated with various well respected design consultancies in Sydney including Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture, Hill + Thalis Urban Projects, Terragram, Room 413, CAB Consulting and the NSW Government Architect. While working with the NSW Government architect he was seconded to China where he worked on major projects in various provinces.


Supervision Area: 

Southeast Asian Urbanism, smart cities, urban ecology, urban design, urban development and planning, landscape heritage, landscape archaeology, GIS and remote sensing of metropolitan landscapes,

I am currently seeking to work with students in the area of urban design, smart cities, green ecological networks and digital design for architecture and urban design.


I'm currently supervising various PhD students and various masters reserach students in  

  • Urban Heritage
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Asian Urbanism and Community Resilience
  • Smart Cities
  • Sponge Cities

If you would like to apply for a PhD under my supervision please prepare an application within my areas of interest and send to me along with your portfolio, CV and several papers you have written. This will help me understand your interests and research and communication abilities. I am currently seeking to work with students in the area of urban design, smart cities, green ecological networks and digital design for architecture and urban design.

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