Professor Hal Pawson

Urban Policy and Strategy, Research Centre Staff, City Futures Research Centre
My key interests are housing policy, homelessness and urban renewal. Much of my work involves analysing aspects of our current housing system that are underperforming in social, socio-economic or financial terms. The results of such problems, all too evident in contemporary Australia, include impaired urban productivity as well as rising homelessness, rental stress and broader inequality.
My approach draws on my early UK career in housing practice and benefits from a strong understanding of comparative approaches to housing problems in many countries. The studies I initiate analyse residential property market processes and evaluate government initiatives to address issues of concern such as Australia’s intensifying shortage of affordable housing. As well as yielding conceptual insights, my projects generate practical recommendations for policy and tax system reforms. Since joining UNSW in 2011 I have led numerous research initiatives including several major studies funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and by the Australian Research Council.
My research-informed post-graduate courses in Urban Renewal and Housing are popular electives with students from several UNSW Built Environment programs, especially City Planning and Architecture. 
Red Centre Building
+61 2 93855078

Hal Pawson is Professor Housing Research and Policy and Associate Director at the City Futures Research Centre, UNSW. In this role he has led several major research projects funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) and by the Australian Research Council (ARC). Hal’s key interests include private rental housing, social and affordable housing, and urban renewal. Before moving to Sydney, Hal worked at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh from 1995-2011.

Teaching & Supervision: 

Program leader: Master of Urban Renewal and Housing

Course leader: Housing Policy and Finance; Housing Management and Markets; Urban Renewal


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Fellow of Chartered Institute of Housing

Managing Editor (Australasia), Housing Studies

Supervision Area: 
Affordable housing
Private rental housing
Housing markets
Urban regeneration and renewal
Rupa Ganguli - PhD thesis title: Role of the rental market in satisfying immigrant demand in Sydney
Jin Zhu - PhD thesis title: Housing affordability and urban form - the case of Shanghai

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