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Professor of Practice Rachel Neeson
Professor of Practice Philip Thalis

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Francesco Fiorito
Associate Professor Elizabeth Farrelly
Associate Professor Lan Ding
Convenor of High Performance Architecture Research Cluster
Associate Professor Harry Margalit
Associate Professor Kate Bishop
Associate Professor, Discipline Director, Landscape Architecture,
Associate Professor Hamish MacLennan
Associate Professor Melonie Bayl-Smith

Associate Professor, Lecturer

Associate Professor Riza Yosia Sunindijo
Director of Postgraduate Research

Senior Lecturer

Rina Bernabei
Dr Raffaele Pernice
Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Urbanism
Stephen Ward
Dr Brian Lee
Dr Peter Kohane
Dr Luciano Cardellicchio
Senior Lecturer in Architectural Construction
Dr Changxin Wang
Dr Kate Dunn
Dr Sing D'Arcy
Dr Cathy Smith
Dr Russell Lowe
Arlene Segel
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Christine Steinmetz
Dr Benson Lim
Ainslie Murray
Dr Mohammad Mojtahedi
Senior Lecturer
Catherine Evans
Senior Lecturer
Dr Nicole Gardner
Senior Lecturer, Computational Design
Dr Bee Oo

Senior Lecturer, Scientia Fellow

Dr JuHyun Lee