Do you want to shape future cities and improve people's lives?

At UNSW Built Environment we want to shape future cities that are resilient, informed, connected, healthy, smart, liveable and inclusive. Our free interactive Experience UNSW Built Environment Workshops, for students in years 10-12, incorporate design, architecture, planning and construction.

With the world’s population rapidly increasing, there is an urgent need to design cities which are smart, healthy and liveable for both younger and older population – a challenge that designers, architects and planners are facing today. 

In our new gallery space and the Design Futures Lab, you will work in groups with our current students to provide innovative and practical solutions to this real-world challenge and help shape the future of our cities. You will be introduced to design thinking, the creative process which designers use to address a vast range of challenges and propose innovative solutions:

1.    Gather Inspiration: you will be introduced to design thinking and the overall problem.
2.    Generate Ideas: you will start brainstorming and proposing ideas.
3.    Make Ideas Tangible: using given materials, you will have the opportunity to experiment your ideas.
4.    Test to Learn: feedback is provided to your tangible ideas with an opportunity to add further design iterations.
5.    Share the Story: each group will pitch their idea. 

You will meet current UNSW students who will introduce you to the UNSW Built Environment degrees and show you how you can contribute to shaping future cities. We have degrees in:

-    Architecture
-    City Planning
-    Computational Design
-    Construction Management and Property
-    Industrial Design
-    Interior Architecture
-    Landscape Architecture 

Dates: 16 and 18 April 2019 (attend one only)
            10 and 18 July 2019 (attend one only)

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

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Morning tea and lunch will be provided. 

These workshops are open to students in years 10 – 12.