Decreasing temperature and energy poverty in our cities

09 Jan 2020

Through High-Performance Architecture, Professor Mattheos Santamouris tackles problems affecting most of the population of the world.


Meet Dr Kate Dunn | designing sustainable materials

25 Oct 2019

Dr Kate Dunn is a researcher and lecturer at UNSW Built Environment. Her research involves designing materials for 3D printing. This includes bones to be used in practice before surgery at Westmead Hospital, as well as the visualisation of scientific research such as climate change.


Meet Dr Gloria Pignatta | Civil & Energy Engineer

15 Oct 2019

Dr Gloria Pignatta is a Scientia Fellow at UNSW Built Environment. She designs advanced technologies and passive strategies to improve building energy efficiency and mitigate the urban heat island phenomenon in a changing climate.


Increasing Student Performance with Air Quality - Dr Shamila Haddad

25 Jun 2019

Dr Shamila Haddad wants to enhance the quality of buildings for better health, comfort and wellbeing. She has been working on a project to improve air quality in school classrooms.


Urban Humanitarian Response - David Sanderson

22 Jul 2019

Professor David Sanderson, the Innaugural Judith Neilson Chair of Architecture, discusses urban humanitarian response.  


Rapid Urbanisation and Urban Resilience

06 Mar 2019

Meet Dr Negin Nazarian

12 Feb 2019


Dr Negin Nazarian is a Scientia Fellow urban climatologist at UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment. She is working on a wearable that can measure the wearer’s physiological response, such as heart rate and skin temperature, to their immediate environment. She says in the future, a Coolbit user could create a personalised heat safe route for a run, based on the previous information received by the wearable.


UNSW SHARP hire - Professor Sisi Zlatanova

03 Dec 2018

Professor Sisi Zlatanova is recognised as a leading international authority on 3D Geographic Information Systems. The focus of her research is 3D indoor modelling and navigation, 3D data representation (vector and voxel) and data structuring and 3D data integration. She has authored and co-authored more than 300 papers and edited or co-edited 23 books.


Faculty Matters | David Sanderson | Rapid Urbanisation

21 Sep 2018

Hosted by ABC broadcaster Sarah Macdonald, in our second episode we meet our Inaugural Judith Nielsen Chair in Architecture, Professor David Sanderson, who will lead our next Grand Challenge on Rapid Urbanisation. With cities growing by 1.4 million people every week, David talks about this global phenomenon and how this change is a defining shift of our time.


Professor Susan Thompson on planning cities that improve our health

19 Apr 2017