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What you will learn in an Industrial Design degree

Industrial Designers help shape the way we live through the design of products and systems we use at home, at work and in the public domain. The profession demands imagination, creative thinking, technical knowledge and a keen awareness of new possibilities. Designers consider not just the physical objects they design but the way things are experienced and used by people in diverse settings.

Students considering industrial design should be curious and inventive, able to work with technology and materials, and ready to enlarge their understanding of the social, environmental and commercial contexts in which they work.

Be a leader

The Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) is a 4 year honours program. Your final year will involve investigating and researching a project of your choice where you will independently manage your own design project. You will have the capacity to lead and project manage a highly relevant design project. At the completion of your degree you will exhibit your skills and a career ready portfolio which will enable you to be a leader in the industry.

Be unique

Your final year will involve independent research on a project of your choice. This project is your opportunity to show industry your passion for design and your ability to work on highly relevant projects.

Be work ready

As an industrial design student you will learn design process, visual communication, technology and materials, market research, ergonomics, research methods and professional practice. In the final year of the degree, you will consolidate and showcase your capability with a substantial research and design project. This combination of skills ensures you are work ready and highly employable.

Alumna, ShanShan Wang with her innovative oxygen system ROAM

Connect with industry

We bring industry to the design studios. You will work on briefs based on industry projects, developing your own industry-ready portfolio.

You will have the opportunity to partake in industry awards, allowing you to stand out and showcase your skills and talent.

Tailor your degree to your area of interest

You will graduate with a major design project of your choice, reflecting your design interests. This can be undertaken in connection with a company or with researchers in other parts of UNSW. Some graduates have gone on to commercialise their design project.

“UNSW Built Environment appealed to me because of its reputation and also its ability to offer industrial design in a faculty that brought together all disciplines of the built environment. I was attracted to the Bachelor of Industrial Design course because it provided me with the foundations to pursue a career continuing to do what I already enjoyed doing.”

UNSW Built Environment Alumnus, Thomas Marlay


Benefit from international exchange programs

During your study with UNSW Built Environment you will have the opportunity to go on international exchange programs. UNSW has over 200 exchange partners.

Be diverse

The Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) is highly regarded due to its comprehensive combination of design skills, marketing and technology. This means as a graduate, you will enjoy diverse career opportunities and join many alumni taking leading positions in the design field.

Industrial Design alumnus, Alfred Boyadgis with the Forcite Alpine Helmet

Learn from experienced professionals

You will learn from acclaimed full time academic staff, as well as a large number of sessional staff, who bring experience and skills from their roles in industry.

Professional accreditation

Graduates of the Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) are eligible for Associate membership of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA).

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